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DUPE is a London based collective

A printed zine and online blog

Conceived, written, filmed and illustrated by artists

Previous themes: HAIRY and ROAD TRIP Current theme: DARK

Ask us anything:

    DUPE Talks to Artist Rosie Vohra about the Prince’s Art School, colour and 3 dimensional drawings.

    Rosie how would you describe your work and what you do as an artist?

    Drawing forms the base of everything I do, not only pencil on paper but the act of drawing and collaging with line and colour in 2-dimensions and 3-dimensions. I’m interested in combining my imagination with observation in my work, ultimately creating multi-layered drawings that are an act of thinking onto a surface with reference to my surroundings.


    What are the differences between your BA and the Princes drawings school? Is there an institute you prefer?

    The drawing school and my BA have been two really different experiences. At Uni there were a lot of opportunities to experiment with mediums such as ceramics, printmaking, painting, metalwork and photography. The freedom of university was what made the structure of taught lessons at the drawing school so challenging and it was amazing to be surrounded by artists who were all interested in the importance of drawing in their practice.

    Who or what are your biggest influences?

    From being in London the past year I have been drawing a lot from Sienese paintings in the National Gallery and Indian miniatures in the British Museum. At the moment I feel really inspired by the use of colour and form in these paintings and how they create rhythm and another language through pattern. 



    What are your favourite tools to work with?

    If I am in my studio I tend to use lots of different materials and tools all at once. The things I tend to always have in my pencil case are black waterproof ink, a small paintbrush, 4B pencil, stabilo woody colouring pencils and a scalpel.

    Do you ever have nightmares? If so tell me about them?

    I don’t normally have nightmares. The other week I wasn’t sleeping very well and I had a dream there were dead butterflies in the toilet and I had to wee on them to make them come alive. 


    How often do you draw when you’re not at the Princes school? (Truthfully)

    It varies really, I would say I draw pretty much every day/every other day. Drawing and keeping a sketchbook are something I’ve always done, even before I started the drawing school.


    What is the darkest thing you’ve drawn/painted?

    I don’t think I have ever intentionally made the subject matter of my drawings ‘dark’. Some of my work from last year is saturated with so much colour that it could come across as slightly unnerving. At the moment I’m interested in exploring the relationship between different colours and seeing how they push and pull your eyes in different directions across a drawing or painting.

    On one of your works you write ‘Growth isn’t a comfortable thing’. Are these your words? If so, why do you think that?

    I remember being in the studio and phoning my older brother because I was finding it difficult to make work under pressure towards the end of my degree and he said ‘growth isn’t a comfortable thing’. Growth is also like change and change isn’t always easy but I think it can sometimes be for the best. 



    So we’ve met in person and you are always very warm (we haven’t touched) and smiley. Tell me, what makes you angry?

    It’s hard to think what really makes me angry. Sometimes I think people are too quick to judge others and I find that difficult to deal with.


    What’s next for you now you have graduated from the Princes school?

    After I graduate I plan to stay in London for a little while longer. I think I need some time to make work and process all the things I have learnt over the past year and London is a great place because of all the resources that are on your doorstep! I am also itching to travel (to India in particular). After travelling around China for a month this summer I think I would really benefit from making work in an exciting and unfamiliar place so I hope to apply for some artist residencies as well.

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    DUPE speaks to Roisin Conway, editor of Ponytail zine


    Hello! Who are you and what are you up to?

    Hello Dupe! My name is Roisin and I run and edit Ponytail, a self-publishd short story zine. It’s been going since Summer 2010.  Each issue is based around a theme and writers, comic artists and poets send me things, each issue also comes with a complimentary mix CD too, and THAT’s on the theme as well.  I’m big on themes. Apart from Ponytail I also write for myself as well as other publications and blogs. I’m also currently curating another couple of projects. When I’m not doing this I’m sitting in my knickers either reading or looking at pictures of dogs in costume on the internet- Freelancing rules! 

    How/why did you start?
    I think I started it really as something I would like to write for and also read. It’s pretty tough to start writing and first of all find places to publish your work in print and second of all not be intimidated by the places you find! I wanted to create something that was fun and lo-fi for people to send stuff to. Something that was literary without being intimidatingly Serious with a capital S. The idea of themes came about because I thought it would be an interesting way to curate a lot of different voices and ideas, which I guess having a music CD is also an extension of.  

    How did you pick the name? Is it because a ponytail is the best hairstyle to read or write with? 
    Ha! I would never deny the practicality of a ponytail for literary pursuits, but the actual reasons are three-fold and a bit lame. Firstly, I came up with two other names that my friend mocked into non-existence. Secondly,  while I was sulking about my two rejected names  I was listening to Panda Bear and the song ‘Ponytail’ came on. Finally, (and I was perhaps scraping the barrel at this point) it’s meant to be a pun on tale and tail.

    Can you tell us about your hair? Have you ever written about it?
    5 things about my hair-
    1.I didn’t have hair until I was about 2 so everyone thought I was a boy.
    2.I’ve been cutting my own hair since I was 16.  
    3.My hair is essentially the colour of a penny. 
    4.I recently turned 26 and decided it was time to invest in a proper shampoo and conditioner to become a proper lady. 
    5. I have a fringe- but sometimes I pin it up and worry that my forehead is going to get dramatically sunburnt. 

    I haven’t written much about my hair but after reading the first issue of Dupe- I’m feeling pretty inspired to!

    How do you connect hair and literature?
    It’s not something I’d particularly thought about before now, but it’s definitely a really interesting way to explore a lot of different facets of a character as it’s something that is essentially very natural but styled and constructed to project a certain image of ourselves. People are quite conscious of their hair and precious about it, people touch or twirl their hair to convey different emotions, it’s a fun thing to write about. 
    What is coming for Ponytail?
    Issue 4 is coming out at the end of the summer with a food theme. I’m collaborating with excellent screen printing company Built & Burnt on the cover which is rather exciting. 
    I’m also working on an exhibition/ publication called ” No-One Understands Me” which is going to be extracts from people’s teenage diaries. 
    Then maybe in the future I’d like to do a podcast or something if I can ever get over the total horror of listening to my own voice on record. 


    No One Understands Me:

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